New Powered Reeler

Our ongoing development of the Powered Reeler has been continuing over the last few months,  with the latest version as seen in the video.  The drum in the video is pulling 14 mm line on at 120 metres per minute!

We feel the powered Reeler will become a standard part of equipment for most performance Superyachts in the market.  Just as you now find on high-end race boats such as the Mini Maxi, TP52, Fast 40+,  Melges 40 etc.

Aimed at the Superyacht and Performance Cruising market, our new Powered Reeler can quietly and efficiently stow away halyards and sheets.  A nice, simple, easy way to tidy away long lines.

Variable speed and drum available –  customised to your requirements.  It can pull up 120m/minute on our variable control!

Installed on the brand new Baltic 112 Custom Sailing Yacht!

Call now for more details!

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